Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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I have more information but I am still confused. What was the date of your surgery? Have your symptoms changes or just not improved? Do you have spasms in your back now that you did not have before? Have you had any feeling of being “sick” (nausea, vomiting, fevers, chills, sweats, feeling tired and generally poor)?

You MRI may indicate a possible infection and this needs to be ruled out. This surgeon needs to pay attention to you now. It is unacceptable that he will not take your calls. If he doesn’t respond, go to the next town and visit a spine surgeon who will pay attention to you.

There are three laboratory tests that can help determine if there is the chance of an infection. These are the CBC with differential, the CRP (C reactive protein) and the ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate). Ask you doctor if he will order them for you. You might also consider visiting an infection disease specialist. This doctor can help determine if you have an infection.

If the infection is ruled out, you can start to plan a process that will give you some improvement of your symptoms.

Dr. Corenman