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Dr corenman

I have tried but can’t figure out how to upload pics

A couple things, I am two weeks post surgery. As far as surgeries go, I think I’m doing well. I think I’m staying to panic bcus my NS and I don’t appear to be on the same page.

1. He wants me to take a wait and see approach and tells me it’ll take a lot of time to notice the gains from the decompression.
2. I understand this, but I’m convinced I’m dealing with 2 separate issues. I can’t even hold a drill out in front of me or cleanly lift a 5 pound weight from bottom to top using my left arm. I can use the arm good low and high, but the transition/rotation is the issue.
3. Everything I read says time is of the essence, so I really want to be proactive and I’m willing to consider almost any remedy. I called the Mayo Clinic and I’m curious of their thoughts.
4. 2 days after surgery I was able to lift the arm prettt smooth, but then it began to hurt again. I feel like I can now pin point the exact affected areas.

What would you recommend