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I wanted to provide an update on my case as I’m being told by professionals it may be unique.

I went for an EMG, and I was diagnosed with superscapular neuropathy. The Dr said he thinks it’s possible I have 2 separate things going on.

Findings: CV testing of the left median motor and sensory nerves demonstrates normal amplitudes, latencies and conduction velocities.
EMG evaluation a left arm reveals signs of acute and chronic enervation in several C6 innervated muscles as well as in the upper cervical paraspinals. Severe acute denervation with no volitional motor unit activity was noted in the infraspinatus muscle. The supraspinatus muscle is normal.
Left C6 cervical radiculopathy with signs of acute and chronic denervation
Severe left suprascapular neuropathy below the level of the innervation of the suprascapular muscle. There is severe active denervation in the infraspinatus muscle with no associated volitional motor unit activation
No evidence of a left median neuropathy

I then saw a shoulder Dr who thinks on top of the herniated disc that he can obviously see on MRI, I may have a paralabral cyst. They ordered an MRI that I have on Christmas Day. He says if it’s not a cyst there’s a surgery he can do to decompress my c5 superscapular nerve.

Now, fast fwd. I share this info with my neurosurgeon who I have a surgery date with and he’s not excited about the findings. He things the likelihood of 2 separate things happening at the same time is very unlikely, because the c6 compressed cervical nerve in my neck has a lot of input of the superscapular nerve.

The fact my infraspinatus muscle has next to no activity is alarming me and the clock is ticking. I have early Jan surgery scheduled for my neck.

Have you come across this issue or have a thought?