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So I went for an in person second opinion today on my c5-c6 herniation.

The Dr. Feels I’ve waited way too long and should have had surgery months ago on my pinched nerve. Basically says he has no idea how the nerve will respond to the decompression but he feels like any pain I have going through my arm down to my fingers will go away post surgery.

Also, he says he doesn’t feel like my shoulder pain when raising my arm is from the herniation because it’s a c6 nerve route and doesn’t cover the front of the shoulder. He thinks the weakness and atrophy caused my shoulder not to work properly and thus created shoulder tendinitis. *thinks

If you were me and your primary concern was the use of the arm, would you get the surgery still?

Is it possible the nerve(s) can heal some even if they don’t fully heal allowing me to build back a little muscle?

It was frustrating news to hear I was hoping surgery could alleviate a lot of the issues.

I can post any pics/photos if you need them.