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Thank you, Doctor. Any advice on dos or don’ts to help heal this type of injury?
I may need your expert help on this one. It is very very bad.

I did have an emergency MRI a week after the injection that states: 2. Nonspecific enhancement at the level of the right L4-5 neural foramen is new compared to the 11/10/21 lumbar spine MRI and may be degenerative/reactive in etiology or secondary to the recent right L4-5 transforaminal nerve root block. No discrete lesion is identified in this location. Please consider follow-up lumbar spine MRI with intravenous contrast in 3-6 months to evaluate for interval change (please see impression #2).

I have an EMG scheduled for mid-November (on the top of the cancellation priority list). Do you know if EMGs can differentiate the timing of nerve injury? I heard they can tell new from old. I have a good baseline for not having EMG issues from 3/22 which states: Right Lower Extremity: There is no electrodiagnostic evidence of active denervation, acute or chronic lumbosacral radiculopathy at theL2- S2 levels, sciatic, tibial, or fibular neuropathy, and peripheral neuropathy.