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I didn’t have a CT scan, but here is my MRI report. Current imaging (Feb 2023) is compared with imaging prior to ACDF surgery (Dec 2021). Even though the radiologist said C2-C3 was “severe” (in several ways), he also said it was the same as the imagining prior to surgery. I had different pain prior to surgery but not the problems I’m having now. See what you think. Thank you for your help.


Spine cervical wo contrast MRI

CLINICAL – M47.812 Spondylosis without myelopathy or radiculopathy, cervical region

TECHNIQUE: Multiplanar multisequence imaging of the cervical spine was performed.
IV CONTRAST: No gadolinium.
COMPARISON: 02/15/2023 radiograph, 12/28/2021 MRI exam

C3-C7 ACDF changes are present. No vertebral marrow or paraspinal edema identified.
Spinal cord: Appears unremarkable.

C1-C2: No spinal stenosis or neural foraminal stenosis.
C2-C3: Severe left facet arthrosis with left foraminal osteophytes and severe left foraminal stenosis, similar to prior exam. Ligamenta flava thickening is present without spinal canal stenosis present.
C3-C4: Resolved spinal canal stenosis since prior exam. Severe left facet arthrosis with mild left foraminal stenosis.
C4-C5: Resolved spinal canal stenosis since prior exam. Right facet arthrosis is present with mild right
foraminal stenosis.
C5-C6: No spinal canal stenosis. Bilateral facet arthrosis is present. Moderate left foraminal stenosis due to left foraminal osteophytes.
C6-C7: 3 mm posterior osteophytes with mild spinal canal stenosis and contact with anterior cord margin. Moderate bilateral foraminal stenosis due to left foraminal osteophytes.
C7-T1: Bilateral facet arthrosis with foraminal osteophytes, with moderate left foraminal stenosis. No spinal canal stenosis.


1. C3-C7 ACDF with resolved or significantly improved multilevel spinal canal stenosis described previously. C6-C7 mild spinal canal stenosis present.
2. C2-C3 severe left foraminal stenosis. C5-C6 moderate left foraminal stenosis. C6-C7 moderate bilateral foraminal stenosis. C7-T1 moderate left foraminal stenosis.