Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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Your report notes “Significant narrowing L5/S1: Intervertebral disc: Right lateral recess disc herniation with extruded disc fragment extending caudally within the right lateral recess epidural space to the upper $1 vertebral level.Facet joints: Moderate right greater than left arthropathy Spinal canal: Right lateral recess spinal canal narrowing with compression of the descending right-sided S1 nerve root”.

Most radiologists use word modifiers (mild-moderate-severe) which this radiologist does not use. Nonetheless, you have compression of the right S1 root which can be quite painful.

Test the calf muscles in the right leg by holding onto a counter and do rapid heel raises 10 times quickly. Then test the left side the same way. Are they equal in response or is the right side weaker than the left? Weakness is an indication for surgery. So is intolerable pain.

Dr. Corenman