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One dr from Florida,i do ZOOM consultant with him
Before more one mount .
He gave me price of 80000$ for surgery laminectomy two levels including hospital and all (recommended me to find good spine surgeon in my country and do the surgery in my country .
He says this simple operation (he say this take him 10 minutes to do and he could do this Via 1 inch incision .
I not believe all what he say but the main Idea of to treat this early if this causes symptoms i completely agree with him .
This consultant cost me 750$ with this dr .
He recommended to find surgeon but i didn’t find (most of them not think i need to surgery with the MRI scan
(**1 surgeon in my country recommended laminectomy before one month and after he see the MRI from January
He not convinced that ligament compress on the spinal cord (so he writes report not recommended surgery now )
The dr i do with him zoom meeting is :
He do very famous YouTube video EXPLAINING the topic cervical stenosis
How this happened,what the treat from started of laminectomy via fusion .
He says:”if you started lossing function do it soon ”
He say “i fix that hope this is because if it what is this it simple and the future this could be more complicated .