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ן go to some nerologicst and them convenience that i do not have any nerologic diesase (not MS or something like this )
I do MRI C AND T AND L Spine
My walking not looking like someone have MS ,i do not have carnial nervous involved .
Nerologicst testing brain physical examination Normal.
So this not look like MS ,and also not like other .
I know that my last MRI Confused ,but
**What a bout sagittal ligament flavum line ?(you can say something on this )
This if pressure on the spinal cord causes myelopathy (also lead to stroke heart attacks
This not big risk to take by not treatment the ligament flavum posterior .
This very bas if i get stroke or heart attacks because i didn’t get the treatment early .
Because i m see a lot of spine surgeon , nerosurgeon also 2 im USA consultant
and all of the problem causes by pressure of the ligament flavum posterior .