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measured your canal and it measures between 1.2 to 1.4 cm
But in the specific area on the MRI
before 3 months (what have slices of 0.8 mm)
U can measure the canal from AP it is 10-11 mm in area of center lef c3-4 level see
Please soo all the long the canal average 12-15 mm but in
The c3-4 central left area of the ligament flavum canal was 10-11 mm
See please (but this from middle November
The next MRI from January very confused because he didn’t show any compress little on axial T 2 but the slices are 3.3 mm
but if we looked to sagittal t 2 wee see that the ligament flavum line it is not normal the c3-4 ligament very non symmetrical line with other flavum very forward located (you see that ?
The last nerologicst recommended new MRI C SPINE and brain MRI also .also thoracic MRI but because i do thoracic before 2 mounts (he say enough to do c and brain more )