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what prevents ligament flavum buckling on the posterior spinal cord , causes central stenosis (very related to disc high and disc loss high and the materiel inside (the nucleus pulposus out because trauma the rings of annulus fibrosus not hold the water inside the disc the nucleus pulposus.
so you left down the disc for some years and ligament flavum are coming and over years it is severe pinch spinal cord and this can cause myelopathy who very serious (and this not need to happen immediately
this can worsen over time years.
i can show the progress of the thinking ligament flavum c3-4 more (via MRI 2016 2020 2021 and 11/21 1/22 (two last are in 3 tesla machine )
also more less it is ligament flavum c4-5 but he very less and mild compared to the big pressure from c3-4 ligament .