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I want to share some of my symptoms
I feel in last 3 mount (even if some of them i not feel always a cross all the mount.
In the last 4-5 mounts I feel pain chronic in the pain (all the time like over (4-8 Hours in the day (this symptom not New its been a long of years (but worsen by the last mounts to compare to before 8 mount .
The pain its located in the middle of the neck also on back (more to left side)
From time to time (week or some days i feel the pain i say in the early of this topic (pain around the left ear to the temple)
The head feel heavy often (also when i keep the head with gravity (stand or sit )
Hard to hold more than few pounds (2-3 ) in the hand (its very progress more also (also to take the bugs on the shoulder if its more than 1-2 pounds its feel hard )

**Now we continued with the more important things need to say a bout possiblty of early sign symptoms of cervical c stenosis and myelopathy (
This symptoms i not feel in any way from the start of the pain in the neck !
So its very new symptoms
In last 2 mount in September middle i feel the legs heavy and sometimes little of unstable (i m instable but feel heavy and numbness in the legs (not very but feel and I say its very new symptom)
Its gone little after 3 weeks (and in two weeks I fee the heavy legs i less feel the pain in the neck )
***In September (15.9.21) i feel for 2 weeks legs heavy symptoms when i walked
And not feel the pain what I feel a cross all the chronic.
After the this symptoms little gone and the neck pain back with full pressure (also the pain around the left ear around the left ear)
One if the symptoms I feel in the last days it is (what i m read on your topic “cervical spine central stenosis with myelopathy”(i m also print this topic with 2 other ,i do early degeneration disc diesase,and degeneration facet diesase .
**Attention to this sentence:
I feel in last days like pins and needles in my right knees (also when i on the bad rest .
I also feel this symptom (of needles in the hips of the right legs travel to the feet (feel on the right legs *)
Thanks a bout your attention.