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    ok i send she (slavina ) email .wait for she respond (your office open today )
    i can share u the early see on the first scan (mri 2016 ) show the disc degenerated (and see from posterior(level C 4 ) the ligament f will buckle and compress on the spinal cord (in my scan its see compress on the CSF and not enter to spinal cord
    *** I know this sentence and listen one spine surgeon say this on lecture (in 2016 ) “when the disc collapse on the front ,that ligament f will buckle and compress on the spinal cord ”
    and he continued the sentence “we see this all the time and radiologic don’t comment ,because i don’t know its not like a tumor ,but it causes stenosis “.
    (but when i looked to 2021 image scan i see (this area(c4 the CSF disappear(IN POSTERIOR )(ITS SEE IN LITTLE AREA (AXIAL TO 1.5 MM SLICES PISSES ) from this level in (posterior )

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    You will need to fill out the new patient form and ship a DVD of your images so we can talk on the phone.

    Dr. Corenman

    meni learn
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    i send salvina message on time (01:45 am colardo time zone to )
    i wait to back me message and i will do what needed.

    meni learn
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    DR corenman (i get the message from your office).
    AND conclusion show some of sign (for problem woth Lowe body
    And also the see change from the speed in the arm (change from the test (EMG) i done before half mount .
    I very think this comming all from the neck area .
    I can confirm the results (the numbers or conclusion (what necrological dr report)
    thanks for your attention.

    meni learn
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    The numberss on EMG in lower body legs
    (NCT SHOW LOW velocity m/s range from
    Pop fossa fib head 44 m/s
    R tibial-AH POP FOP FOSSA ANKLE 43 M/S
    L-TIBIAL -AH POP FOssa ankle 42 m/s
    I read your topic about cervical stenosis and myelopathy (and know if the central nervous will damage the didn’t back to work (and it is important to check this if y don’t wwnt to be with some partially paralyzed.
    I know normal velocity range from 50 to 60 m/s.
    This need to be check very quickly (by this and symptoms i describe early in this (topic )

    meni learn
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    I correctes myself after i m learning more a bout what is normal speed of velocity in some ranges.
    In the upper (arms its range from 50 to 65 m/s velocity)
    So this my wrong (and i m learning and corrected myself)
    Pop fossa fib head 44 m/s
    R tibial-AH POP FOP FOSSA ANKLE 43 M/S
    L-TIBIAL -AH POP FOssa ankle 42 m/s”
    —-so this sentence i write in last post (in this topic) was wrong because from legs more than 40 m/s its normal range.
    So NCT test show problem in SNC BUT NO. IN MNC (and this could contact to compress by posterior (i read in one good website this information,that compress by anterior effect on the motor nerves control and posterior effected on the the sensory .
    I read this :
    I read this :Normal impulses in peripheral nerves of the legs travel at 40–45 m/s, and 50–65 m/s in peripheral nerves of the arms. Largely generalized, normal conduction velocities for any given nerve will be in the range of 50–60 m/s.
    So if i see this number
    But in sensory nerves in median R and L
    Was see velocity L median 44 and R 46
    Peak lat ms L M 4.01 and R 3.91 .
    This SNC TEST.
    Also the nerologic conclusion the results writing also have some problems in sensory in legs (but thia information i not steel clear-maybe over days i will understand)

    And i read that pressure from posterior effected on the sensory nerves .
    And on anterior its effect on the motor nerves control.
    What i see is little pressure (in very little area on the spinal CSF from posterior i posted in early topic
    And this can be confirmed with the test of SNC .
    I also feel symptoms with (what i left legs heavy )+some numbness in legs
    Difficult to walking fast (max arrived to 120 steps in minute (i checked this morning and hold this speed just for 1 minute and hard me to hold this walking fast more than this minute(its arrived to calculate to 5.7-6 kmp (in past i remember when i do walking fast its arrived to 7 7.4 kmp and i do this for 20 minutes .
    Other physical examination was normal
    Heel to heel normal
    Walking in dark room normal
    Babinski negative
    Clonse ankle negative
    (Little finger escape just from time to time just in left side .(when i m extension the hand )

    But i m feel progress of my sensation in my legs and feet (even i m not stumbled when i walked (something its happened even if it’s very little.
    When i m dressed my pants its more slowly.
    They feel of heavy legs start before 2 mount (when i remember and this was in continue in 2 weeks and after its hold
    But now i feel the heavy of legs also with (little pain in the legs little needles in knees (in right legs)
    (I read the sign of myelopathy in c s he have steps of one (and this hold for few times (maybe mounts or more and boom its Go to next level ).
    I have chronic neck pain in the back of the neck .(this was developed and not very feel before 4 or 3 years its arthritis i think i developed FROM degenerative disc diesase)
    Aching in back of the neck.
    Noise when i moves the neck(this was also sign in past)
    Thanks for your attention
    *I m contact your office to get the service L C D (I and wait for your office respond to my q a bout this service)!

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