The muscles of the cervical spine normally do not get attention when a standard physical therapy program is instituted. The muscles in the front of the neck (the sternocleidomastoids or SCMs and the “strap muscles” cause the neck to be pulled forward and the posterior or rear muscles (splenius capitus etc…) pull the neck backwards. These muscles can be strengthened just as you would strengthen a biceps (forearm) muscle. The “Neck Situp” exercise technique is noted in the video below.

Please note that you want to start these exercises very slowly with very few repetitions at first. Overindulgence in wanting to strengthen these muscles too quickly with many repetitions or exercises too frequently will cause you to feel like you have a “whiplash”.

This exercise is strictly for patients whom have had surgery at our clinic. Other surgeons may use very different rehabilitation protocols and these are not recommended unless your surgeon has read and agreed with these.

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