“Around the World” are isometric exercises. Isometrics pit one muscle group against the other without moving the part involved – in this case the neck. There are four planes to push against.

To start with flexion (bending the head forward), simply place the open palm of your hand against your forehead. Press your forehead against your hand while using equal pressure to press your hand against your forehead. Do not move your neck. Hold for 10 seconds. Then, place the palm against the side of your head. Again with equal pressures as to not move your neck, push your head sideways against your hand and hold for 10 seconds (right lateral bending). For the third plane, push your head backwards against your hand (extension) for 10 seconds and finally for the fourth plane, push your hand against the side of your head on the last side (left lateral bending).

You have just completed a journey around the world (your head)! Do this 10 times at one sitting in the morning and repeat again in the evening.

This exercise is strictly for patients whom have had surgery at our clinic. Other surgeons may use very different rehabilitation protocols and these are not recommended unless your surgeon has read and agreed with these.

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