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Vail, Colorado, the base village of Vail Ski Resort, offers a wide number of outdoor activities to residents of all ages. The mountain city has numerous athletic activities for both winter and summer months. Popular winter activities include skiing, snowboarding, tubing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing, while summer activities include hiking, mountain biking and trail running. No matter the time of year, local Vail residents are able to get outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous mountain setting and remain active. With all of these sporting activities available year round, certain residents may experience a spinal injury that causes back pain or neck pain. Dr. Donald Corenman, orthopedic spine surgeon and back doctor at The Steadman Clinic, is proud to practice in the local Vail area, and is available to treat athletes of all ages who have experienced a spinal injury.

Neck Doctor and Back Specialist Available to Treat Mountain Biking Athletes in Vail, CO

Vail, Colorado is not only a fantastic location in the winter. It is also a popular and family-friendly city for recreational athletes in the summer. Hiking, trail running and mountain biking allow athletes of all ages to enjoy the awe-inspiring natural setting on miles of trails.

Back pain while mountain biking has become a common non-traumatic injury experienced by many riders. The main cause of back pain is heavy backpacks loaded with snacks, water, first aid supplies and safety gear. Hiking and trail running athletes who wear heavy backpacks may also experience back pain. Other mountain biking athletes may experience low back pain from weak core muscles, poor hip mobility and incorrect bike position and size.

Vail, CO Spine Specialist and Neck Pain Doctor Specializing in Skiing and Snowboarding Spinal Injuries

Winter on-mountain activities are one of the most common reasons Vail, Colorado residents love to live in the city and local area. Residents are able to ski, snowboard, snowmobile, snow bike and go tubing numerous months out of the year. With all of these activities right around the corner, many locals remain active even during the coldest winter months.

Even though many winter recreational athletes believe only knee and upper body injuries can occur while skiing and snowboarding, back injuries and neck injuries are relatively common. Muscle strains and sprains, especially in the lower back, are the most common injuries in residents not properly conditioned for the demanding sports. More serious back and neck injuries can occur during a fall, such as whiplash, a spinal cord injury or a cervical spine fracture or dislocation.

Local residents of Vail are able to enjoy the beautiful setting and natural mountains year round. If a back or neck injury occurs, Dr. Corenman is available to diagnose and treat the condition at his local practice.

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If you have experienced a back injury or neck injury in the Vail, Colorado area, please contact Dr. Donald Corenman, orthopedic spine surgeon and back doctor, at the world-renowned Steadman Clinic.

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