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Greely, Colorado is located in the northern portion of the state approximately 50 miles north of Denver. As a major city of the Front Range Urban Corridor, Greely is home to countless athletes who remain active all year. During the winter months, residents can visit the Rocky Mountains for sporting activities, and during the summer months residents can also visit one of the many city parks and recreation areas. Greely residents who experience an injury to the spine that causes back pain or neck pain are strongly encouraged to visit a physician as soon as possible. Dr. Donald Corenman, back pain doctor and neck surgeon, is available to treat a wide number of spinal injuries found in the active population.

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon and Neck Doctor Specializing in Injured Greely, CO Residents

The City of Greely, Colorado has something for every resident for every season. The recreation centers offer indoor pools, rock walls, fitness centers, gymnasiums for organized sports and much more. The city parks offer sports fields, trails, playgrounds and a Frisbee golf course. Active residents who love to walk, jog, run or bike, have access to over 20 miles of local trails situated on the Poudre River Trail Corridor.

Remaining active is very important to the health of the human body, including the spine. Unfortunately, back and neck injuries may occur during any recreational sporting activity. The most common spinal injuries associated with recreational athletes include back pain, neck pain, sciatica, herniated discs and spine fractures.

Dr. Donald Corenman, back pain doctor and neck surgeon, specializes in these conditions and treatments:

Spine Doctor Treating Young Athletes of Greely, CO

Four public high schools serve Greely, Colorado and include Greely Central High School, Greely West High School, Jefferson High School and Northridge High School. There are also a number of charter and public schools in the local area. Many of these educational institutions offer students a diverse athletic program with popular fall, winter and spring sports.

High school sports are a great way to keep young athletes active and healthy, but sports injuries and overuse injuries of the spine can occur. Common neck and back injuries include fractures and dislocations, herniated discs, spinal cord injuries and nerve root injuries.

If a Greely, Colorado resident becomes injured and experiences neck or back pain from high school sports or recreational activities, they are encouraged to contact the office of Dr. Donald Corenman, back pain doctor and neck surgeon.

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