Back Specialist and Neck Pain Doctor Available to Treat Spine Injuries in Grand Junction, CO Residents

The city of Grand Junction, Colorado is the most populous city located in the western portion of the state. The “Grand” portion of the city name refers to the historical Grand River, while “Junction” refers to the union of the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers. This area of Colorado has become a major mountain biking destination, with riders coming from the local area and all over the United States. The area also has a number of hiking trails so residents and visitors can enjoy a nice hike or go for a long trail run. No matter the sporting activity, an individual may experience a back injury or neck injury that causes troublesome symptoms. Back specialist and neck pain doctor, Dr. Donald Corenman specializes in diagnosing and treating spinal injuries so his patients can return to the trails as quickly as possible.

Spine Specialist Treating Hiking Athletes from Grand Junction, CO

Grand Junction, Colorado is considered a paradise for hikers of all skill levels. Local residents, as well as visitors, have the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll at the Colorado National Monument’s red rock formations, or try a more demanding hike on Crag Crest Trail on Grand Mesa. The area is also home to numerous state and national parks that offer miles and miles of trails for hikers, as well as runners.

Back pain is quite common after a hike, no matter the athlete’s skill level. The right backpack is key to hiking back injury prevention. A hiker carrying a heavy and/or ill-fighting backpack places themselves at risk of straining muscles. Good body mechanics and physical conditioning are also extremely important to help avoid back and neck injuries. Common hiking injuries associated with the back and neck includes muscle sprains and strains, loss of flexibility, pinched nerves and herniated discs.

Dr. Corenman, back specialist and neck pain doctor, specializes in:

Neck Specialist and Back Doctor Specializing in Injured Mountain Bikers from Grand Junction, CO

The Grand Junction, Colorado area has developed into a major mountain biking destination over the years. Riders of all skill levels often enjoy the area’s many single-track trails. Two of the most popular trails for local residents and visitors include the Kokopelli and Tabeguache trails. Fruita is within 10 miles of Grand Junction, and offers an 18-road trail system for bikers to enjoy.

Many riders experience “biker’s backache” after a long and physically demanding ride. Biker’s backache is normally felt in the lower portion and is caused by stress on the back while it is in a bent position. Several factors contribute to the stress, including a heavy backpack, the physical bike’s fit, the riding style and muscle conditioning.

Grand Junction, Colorado residents injured while hiking, trail running or mountain biking are encouraged to contact the office of Dr. Donald Corenman, back specialist and neck pain doctor, for an injury diagnosis and treatment plan.

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