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Colorado Springs, Colorado is located south of Denver on Fountain Creek. The city is the second most populous city in the state, and is home to many outdoor enthusiasts who love to participate in sporting activities. Colorado Springs is also home to the United States Olympic Training Center and is headquarters of the United States Olympic Committee. Visiting the many local parks and recreation centers is a popular activity for residents, as well as hiking Colorado’s Fourteeners. No matter the resident’s preferred athletic activity, a neck or back injury may occur. Spine surgeon and back specialist, Dr. Donald Corenman is proud to treat residents of Colorado Springs at his office in the world renowned Steadman Clinic.

Back Pain Doctor and Neck Specialist Treating Injured Colorado Springs, CO Hiking Athletes

Although Colorado Springs, Colorado offers a wide number of parks and recreation centers in the immediate area, certain residents love to get out and explore the state. Hiking enthusiasts of all ages set the goal each year to hike Colorado’s Fourteeners, mountains with sides of 14,000 feet and higher.

Colorado’s Fourteeners include 54 peaks with more than 140 routes. With all of the hours of hiking involved in conquering these mountains, it is easy to see why certain hikers experience back pain, neck pain and spinal injuries. Low back pain is a common complaint and is often caused by the spine’s biomechanical changes from going uphill. Uphill climbing and running causes athletes to take longer strides, utilize the muscles differently and lean the body forward. The combination of these items often causes hikers of all skill levels to experience pain and discomfort.

Orthopedic Spine Specialist Available to Treat Olympic Training Athletes of Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, Colorado, also known as Olympic City USA, is home to the United States Olympic Training Center, as well as the headquarters of the United States Olympic Committee and the United States Anti-Doping Agency.  24 of the United States’ national federations for individual Olympic sports also have their headquarters in the city. These include bobsled, figure skating, basketball, boxing, cycling, field hockey, hockey, swimming, shooting, taekwondo, triathlon, volleyball, pentathlon and wrestling.

Olympic athletes train more than any other level of athlete, so their bodies are placed under extreme stress day after day. With high levels of stress placed on the spine almost daily, many athletes experience an injury that takes them out of training for a certain amount of time. The most common lumbar and cervical spine injuries found in Olympic athletes include disc degeneration, disc herniation, spondylosis and pars interarticularis injuries.

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