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    I am 4 weeks post microdiscectomy, I have had 2 rounds of oral steroids. Incisional pain is minimal. The majority of pain is located in classic sciatic area-under buttock, over hip area and down the leg. There is also numbness in my foot. Pain is minimal upon waking up but worsens throughout the day. Current meds: hydrocodone 7.5 -typically not necessary until late afternoon, but have needed to take more now than right after surgery, gabapentin 900mg per day.

    There is some pain upon palpating the piroformis muscle. Pain seems to peak after bowel movements or with increased gas.

    I am doing absolutely no sitting, not even to have a bowel movement. I stand to eat, walk to the bathroom and shower, otherwise I am laying in bed flat on my back.

    I had a post surgical mri at 3 weeks which showed no complication and nerve appeared decompressed. My surgeon recommended a Myelogram. I am scheduled for the Myelogram in 5 days, but I am concerned because my symptoms are extreme after finishing the second round of steroids. The hydrocodone and gabapentin do not control the pain at this point.

    I have had pelvic issues in the past that were possibly related to prostitis….could this being playing a role in my symptoms or do my symptoms appear to all be related to the herniated disc. What would be your recommendation for the next step? Is there any possibility that this is just inflammation and the surgery was successful?

    Any advice you can offer is appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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