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    *the video not arrived in u still?(the needed to arrived from steadman clinic )
    10-11 mm u can call this stenosis if (the c spine show in the same area 13-14 mm on the right side (diameter from front to back in axial (see 13-14 mm) and on left side same area see 10-11 mm (for bone spur arthritis or ligament thickening) its problem?
    the second question pinch spinal cord from lateral and posterior (at least decrease the spinal cord by 20% effect on the motor function (like difficult to walk fast or even walk normally’ or even stumble and fall ?
    I know the motor nerve is front and dorsal root its from back sensory more .


    meni learn
    Post count: 236

    Dr corenman
    I wait for responde from you ,my package not arrived to your office.
    I need your consultant.
    *(I have significant nerologic symptoms in for the entire last month *(difficulty to walking fast and trouble with walking normal like I never have time before in my life )
    and also one time fall(after feel severe needles in legs and feet .(needles started before 40-45 days )
    I can share u that the canal in area of c4 level (the spinal cord narrow by 20-30 % in Posterior and left lateral
    (Area involved is at least 5 mm )
    The area range from 10 mm to 11 in left side center to 13-14 mm in right side (diameter when u measurements the area involved)
    I m also do thoracic spine .



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