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    I have recently been having a sensation like warm water pouring over my upper thigh area, mostly on the left but also some on the right. No pain at all with this.

    I have recently discovered that I cannot run! lol. My legs seem to have no strength in the mechanics of running. I can jump, squat, just fine. Although the jumping does cause the warm sensation as well as a bit of an electrical shock type feeling in the same area. I have also noticed that when walking, my left leg seems to drag slightly.

    I have recently (1 month ago) started an excercise program (P90X), and these symptoms have developed in the last two weeks. The problem with running was discovered when attempting to play softball.

    I also found yesterday that when attempting to perform a pullup, the electric shock sensation accompanied by the warm water feeling seemed to radiate through both arms and legs. It persisted for a few minutes after the attempted pullup.

    I am a 43 y/o male. Fairly physically fit. Some history of middle back issues with muscle spasms, but never these types of symptoms.

    Thanks in advance!

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Warm water sensations are a reflection of abnormal discharges of the sensory nerves of that particular dermatome. The anterior thigh is innervated by the L2 and L3 nerves (small amount of L4).

    Lack of the ability to run can be multifactorial but it turns out that the L3 and L4 nerves also supply the quadriceps muscles. These muscles are necessary for running and if there is weakness of one or both, the ability to run is impaired.

    Pull ups of course are biceps and lat muscles so should have nothing to do with lower back nerve root issues. These symptoms may be from a more generalized disorder. If the only change in your life prior to onset of these symptoms was the P90X program- the first thing to do is to stop the P90X program to see if these symptoms abate.

    Dr. Corenman

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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