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    Dear Dr. Coreman,
    I am currently seeing three doctors, a neurosurgeon, a movement specialist and a pain management doctor for my symptoms.
    In 2008 I had a laminectomy for (L1-L3) extradural intraduaral schwannoma. The debilitating pain was gone, but a new pain arose as years passed with neuropathy on the bottom of my feet.
    When I was diagnosed for the schwannoma I had strange sensations at times in my right hand. This has progressed through the years, last year reaching it peak into my right forearm (feels as if it is broken), right shoulder blade, neck and middle finger through pinky. It hurts to blow dry my hair.
    I had a CAT Scan of my neck. The results: minimum anterolisthesis C7-T1, numerous luciencies throughout vertebral bodies, spinous process and posterior element- particularly C7-T2. No pathologic fracture. Disc height preserved. No tissue swelling. Small broad based protruded disc C5-C6. No significant spinal stenosis. Slight reversal lordosis centered at C5.
    With these findings Multiple Myeloma tests were ordered. All blood and 24 urine culture were negative.
    At the time I was told to come back in 6 months to repeat CAT Scan.
    Since this event, I had a brachial plexus MRI with was unremarkable. The vertebra’s were mentioned on this report once again only this time they were referred to as hemagiomas or lipomas.
    I am now being told the repeat 6 month CAT scan for these luciencies do not need to be repeated.
    The movement specialist prescribed Botox injections for my surgery site L1 through T1 and the brachial plexus region on Monday – 300 units. My incision site felt about 50% better until Friday (Feels like I’m lying on glass). I have felt no difference in the brachial plexus region or my arm.
    I will be receiving a steroid lumbar injection on the 20th for the my neuropathy in the my feet as well as low back pain and a buzzing sensation in my hip (possibly due to L5-S1). I am being told that if this injection relieves some pain I should go ahead with minimal invasive bone fusion.
    My question, I am in such extreme pain with my right arm. I am not driving. It goes into my should blade and neck. At first I saw a diagnosis of Brachial Neuropathy, now I saw it is paraspinal muscle spasm.
    I have also had a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia; although, all my pain is on the right side with the exception of the neuropathy in my feet.
    I am nervous to consider a bone fusion as most of the symptoms for my lower body I see are related to post laminectomy surgeries. I do not want to end up crippled in my 70’s so I am hesitant.
    I must say, this upper body pain at times is far worse that my lower body. I am so discouraged with the pain. There are just no answers for this issue or medication
    Last but not least I have had an allergic reaction to almost all of the drugs I have tried for nerve pain.
    Thank you,

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    First, the surgery at L1-3 for schwannoma removal will not cause your symptoms in the shoulder. The neuropathy in your feet probably is caused by typical aging nerve degeneration over time (I assume you are in your 50s or 60s). See the section on peripheral neuropathy on this website).

    If you have neck pain and unilateral shoulder/arm pain, you do not have fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is pain found in all four quadrants of the body.

    Lower back pain is diagnosed by discograms if pain is generated by the disc and if generated by nerve compression, an epidural will give you some clue as to pain origin. You will not have any relief of your bilateral foot symptoms if these symptoms are truly generated by the peripheral neuropathy.

    Did you have a diagnostic SNRB (selective nerve root block-see website) in your neck? This will help diagnose the origin of the arm pain. Did you have a shoulder specialist look at the right shoulder to rule out pathology here? Did you have an EMG/NCV (see website) to look for nerve disorders that would reveal themselves with these tests?

    You need a well skilled diagnostician to look for the source of these symptoms.

    Dr. Corenman

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