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    Hello Doctor
    We go back in some time with questions and answers. I had a TESI on 9/7/23. I knew something went wrong. It was right side L4L5. I screamed in pain as searing pain went through my anterior thigh. My leg (quad being by far the worst) is weak and filled with new nerve pain. The area where injected still feel like a needle is in my nerve. I’ve been bed ridden and not able to function at all. It’s bringing me to my knees. My leg was tested and is a 4 from previous 5’s in the past. My reflex for knee jerk is very diminished. Pfizer’s corticosteroid was used. I’m on heavy pain killers and gabapenten with barely any relief. My right quad is now twitching and my leg is beginning to look smaller. Waiting on an EMG still after all my hounding of Boston area doctors. I feel as though I have significant nerve damage and the pain doctor seems remarkably unconcerned and says everything was (during the shot) and now is normal. Pats me on the back with no follow up. What are your thoughts? Thank you

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