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    mri of cervical spine;impression:noncalcified broad based intervertebral disc herniation at c6/c7 causing mild spinal cord compression and severe left neural foraminal stenosis.this is most likely acute to subacute.#2 broad based intervertebral disc herniation at c4 and c5 which abuts the spinal cord.the disc at c4/c5 also has a small central protrusion component noncalcified and may be acute to subacute.#3 bilateral neural foraminal stenosis at c4/c5 secondary to the broad based intervertebral disc herniation.this most likely is chronic.

    my question is should i “try traction for a month,if that does not work have surgery”? as qouted by the pain management dr.i met yesterday.i am in severe pain and have been for 6 wks.neck&shoulder,wrist,numbness tingling some loss of rhuematologist has been taking care of me,he tried steroid injections.then medrol pack, hot and cold packs.analgesic lotion.bottom line will traction help?thank you

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    We need to discuss your symptoms and deficits. Where do you have pain? If you have pain in neck and arm- what is the percentage of each? When does the pain occur? Do you have weakness? If so, where? How did the symptoms develop? Do you have balance problems?

    Where were the steroid injections performed and what were the results? Did you get temporary relief in the first three hours from the injection? If so, where was the relief- neck or arm or both?

    As you can see, to understand what structures are causing pain, there needs to be more identifying information.

    Dr. Corenman

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