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    Hi doctor
    I have problems with my lower back I have all the MRI bone scans disco grams and nerve conduction tests also had injection in my back and the surgeon said that my level L5s1 disc has had it no good the next disc L4 L5 is alright but the next disc is no good so that I should have a three level fusion because the the midle disc will more than likely be damage in 12months any way so it would be better to get it done in one go I value your opinion because you are always right with your professional opinion and I am very scared of this operation and the doctor said I have to have a positive mind because it is a big operation so I am trying my best but I am always in pain thanks again doctor

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Are you the same patient I have been discussing this problem with before? If so, you have the significant degenerative disc with severe pain reproduction at L5-S1, a non-painful disc at L4-5 and an anterior tear with moderate pain reproduction at L3-4.

    If that is the case, be very careful of a three level fusion. If this were my back, I would consider an L5-S1 fusion only and see how it would go. The L4-5 disc was not painful and I would resist having that level fused. The L3-4 disc had an anterior annular tear but the back of the disc was intact.

    Again, if you are the same individual I talked with before, the anterior tears in the discs are normally not severe pain generators and I would try to live with the L3-4 disc. I have had a number of patients in your situation and most of them are reasonably satisfied with a one level fusion at L5-S1.

    Dr. Corenman

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    Thanks very much for your reply doctor you have given me hope that I will be fine after I have just the one level fusion thanks again for this great service

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