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    Hi Dr.,

    Thank you in for reading this message.

    5 years ago, I was having osteopath treatment on my back and shoulders. I was aware that I had athritic changes to neck and 1 bulge somewhere in C-spine. During one of my massages, the osteopath pressed hard right on the center spine and I heard and felt a pop. I knew something was amiss so I stopped the treatment and went home. For the next 5 consecutive days I felt burning over my T-spine by bra strap. My husband was angry at me, and I kept quiet.

    Neurological pain went away in 2 weeks, and it had resolved to an ache in mid back and was stable for about 4 years. Last March 2011, I ran over a curb with my car and my spine jarred quite a bit. It was somewhat like a mild whiplash and being thrown in the air. I had very painful
    shoulders and tingling in arms and midback. This settled down within 1 week, and I went to physio after for a review. They gave me core exercise to strenghthen core. I
    am in good shape and normal size and weight and am 39 years old.

    After attempting some of those forward bending stomach crunches i stirred things up badly in the thoracic back area and the burning and tingling magnified by 100%. I was in massive pain with parasthesia and burning in face,back,arms and some in legs.

    This is my MRI report. March 2011

    C2-C5 all demonstrate central disc protrusion with mild unconvertebral joint and facet joint hypertrophy and no neural compromise.

    C5/C6 left paracentral disc extrusion with mild unconvertebral joint &facet joint hypertrophy. Dimensions of disc are 11×2.2x6mm (transverse x AP x cranio caudal) Moderate to severe left
    Foraminal narrowing with potential to impinge C6 nerve root. Mild spinal canal narrowing.

    C6/C7 central disc protrusion with mild unconvertebral joint and facet joint hypertrophy.The disc just contacts anterior aspect cervical spinal cord. No neural compromise.

    T5/T6 small right paracentral disc protrusion with annual fissuring and contact and mild flattening of right anterior aspect thoracic cord. Neural exit foramina and spinal canal adequate.
    Scoliosis convex to left centered at T5/T

    I have been reviewed by an orthopaedic spine specialist who only saw the films, and did not
    read the report. He has said that there is nothing in my MRI films that alarms him or warrants
    My problem of course is pain, sometimes burning, & tightness in back where bra line is. I haven’t been told how to deal with that. Also sometimes my hands sting (both of them) sometimes only 1 stings.

    I am not sure what to do, and I don’t know if the T5/T6 disc is a spinal cord compression? I rarely speak up for myself and i was sandwiched between my husband who never lets me
    speak and the orthopedic who only addressed him in the consult.

    I have been to a neurologist last month for continuing numbness and paras thesis and have normal Brain MRI, NCV, EMG. I have no weakness or balance issues. Purely sensory and of course the Trigeminl nerve is involved as head goes numb. My GP has now referred me to neurosurgeon as she thinks this ll is coming from T disc. I asked how can T5/T6 disc cause numbness in left top head, and she couldn’t offer explanation. The ortho only looked at my films and said it looks fine, he id not look at the radiologist report. I wonder if the tear is significant in my case?? I thought maybe the hand stinging could be from c5c6 disc and all the other neurological stuff could be something else?

    Goodness I don’t know where to go

    Thank you again, God Bless

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