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    I had an MRI done on my Thoracic spine in the last few days. The results are posted below this.
    RESULT: EXAM: Enhanced and Unenhanced Thoracic MRI

    INDICATION: Right arm pain/weakness and numbness. Mid back pain..

    TECHNIQUE: Axial and sagittal images of the thoracic spine were obtained
    using several pulse sequences.

    CONTRAST DOSE: 7.5 mL of gadavist intravenously.



    Thoracic Spinal Cord: Normal in size, contour and signal intensity. Mild
    enhancement anteriorly and posteriorly along the spinal cord felt likely
    related to mildly prominent vasculature. Negative for definite pathologic

    Vertebral Column: Alignment is normal. No fractures or marrow
    abnormalities noted. Multilevel mild disc desiccation, greatest at T7-T8.
    Mild degenerative disc disease at T7-T8. Mild disc bulging and annular
    fissure posteriorly at T7-T8. No significant spinal canal stenosis. Within
    the imaged portion of lower cervical spine, anterior cervical disc fusion
    noted at C6-C7.

    My question is what in my back would be affected? For example right now I am having middle back pain wiht pain in my shoulder blade areas. Would where I have the buldging disc cause pain in this area? Also can some explain the MRI to me?

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Your primary complaints on the indications for the thoracic MRI are “Right arm pain/weakness and numbness. Mid back pain”. By the report, you have had a previous ACDF at C6-7. There is more to your story than just the images of the thoracic spine.

    Pain in the shoulder blade area could originate from the thoracic spine but more commonly originates from the cervical spine. What is your history? Please read the section regarding “How to describe symptoms” to fully explain your past history.

    Dr. Corenman

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