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    Ive had ongoing issues in this area which ive had physio for and occasionly feels like a teennis ball in your back when i lie down.Physio seems to help but not for that long really and this is the only treatment ive had.Recently I had an injury to my left upper limb which is a radial nerve problem (sensory)also ongoing neck issues.My question is can my back pain be coming from my neck at all as I have narrowing in C3-C7.
    C4/C5/C6/C7 bilaterally conflicting nerve root stenois etc.I dont know how it started but I was on a forklift which now im not able to drive.The thoracic injury is being completely ignored when i mention it.Is this maybe somthing to do with work cover prehaps.They have done scans on neck,left upper limb etc but continue to just ignore my back issue.Who is the best person to get support and diagnosis?

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