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    Dr. Corenman
    I am now 5 months Post op L5 S1 Fusion.. back feels much better. I am still dealing with this awful Tailbone pain. According to my surgeon at my last checkup (10/30) all of my hardware looks great! he released me from any restrictions. He said my tailbone looked fine, but i dont recall any xrays specific to that area. So maybe they show up? I dont know. So he referred me to a pain managment Dr. and i have appointment for Monday 11/16. Said something about getting an injection. I just know that no matter what I do.. rest, ice, anti inflammatories, Trezix,Flexiril, Gabapentin my tailbone still hurts. I flew to see my grandkids last weekend. I could not get out of my seat. Had to let everyone by, until I could raise slowly to ease the pain a little at a time. Tears did flow that time. I cannot even sit on my own sofa in the evening with my family. I also use a coccyx pillow to sit on, at home, at the office and in the car. Nothing seems to take this painn away. I have had it now for almost 2 years. I am wondering if having sacrolization on one side and partial on the other side (L5) would have any impact on it? I just dont know what else to do. I guess we will see if this injection works.. as i am going on my vacation this time on the 22nd.. i have missed 2 summer trips due to my back and surgeries. Any thoughts on what else i should mention to the doctor next week? I thank you for your time.

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