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    Please help
    I am 16 years old.My problems started when i was 15.One day i was trainig in the gym and i got pain in the back of my shoulder on both sides.I thought that i have overtrained.I didnt do anything for about a week.
    Everything got much worse.The pain was awful it was just in my shoulders
    I went to a orthopedic who said i have no problem and i just a little magnesium and some PT. I did what he said and everything was getting worse
    I didnt know what to do.I have beed to every orthopedic and neurologist
    in my town (Sofia,Bulgaria) and everybody says no problem you will be good very soon. For this year in pain i have taken so many anti inflammatory drugs,I had diffrent PT,masagges,steroid injections.Nothing changes the only diffrence is the pain is stronger and it is in my back neck and shoulders.Finally one doctor found that i have extra carvical rib.After that no body saw it and i had EMG,MRI(neck and shoulders),X rays of shoulder ,blood tests everything possible.I went on a surgery and they removed it.The surgent said that the rib had compressed C7 nerve and he said that was my big problem,but
    i few mounths after that pain still doesnt change.I was in the United States for the summer and i went to a chiropractor he said there was no problem and he tryed too,but still no result.I am in a lot of pressure becouse of that i cant concentrate on my exams.I am still young and i cant do any sports.I go swimming every day from my PT but only for 10 to 20 min.I bought a special pillow it doesnt help i went to SCENAR terapy too ,it didnt help.Well i have tested and tried everything and no result.The only thing after all this is result from the EMG witch says “mild impairment of lower primary trunk,Longer F waves expressed harder on the left side on C6 C7.No nerve blokes found.
    The last thing i forgot ot say is that my extra rib was on my left side

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    It is unlikely that the extra rib was the pain generator. Pain between the shoulder blades can be caused by a cervical disc hernation, a thoracic disc hernation or injury to the muscles that attach to the scapula. Rarely but occasionally, rotator cuff injuries can cause these symptoms. A good physical examination can help to isolate the cause but MRIs are the gold standard to diagnose the origin of the pain.

    Dr. Corenman

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