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    Hello, I am in the UK…I have tried to get help here with no luck. I have Spinal Stenosis, I need help please. I am hoping to Pay Privately for a Phone, or Skype Consultation.

    I’ve contacted my Dr already. I’m on 12 Weeks Isolating due to Covid as I am Vulnerable to the Virus. However, in the past few weeks my spinal symptoms have worsened, I have began to lose sensation in my Left foot, which is my stronger side, up until now.

    *Within the past 4 Weeks, my Left Foot and Leg, which was always my strong Side…have gone Numb and Spongy just as much as my Right Side! Walking now is extremely difficult as I feel like I am Walking on Sponge Feet, and this is also affecting my Balance. I also feel quite shaky from the Symptoms.

    *I have tried to Contact the Surgeon but with no luck. When I last saw my Consultant in August 2019, he said I needed Urgent surgery, but that he wanted me to lose Weight before any Surgery….he said that I ‘would not Survive a Surgery’ at the Weight I am! I’ve been desperately trying to lose weight, and when I spoke to him just in January 2020, I was still needing to lose a weight, but my Symptoms at that time were stable…..but NOT now!

    *My Symptoms have deteriorated at such an exceptional rate…just 4 Weeks and I feel almost completely immobilized….I can still get up and walk, I have use of Bladder and Bowels, but weakness and balance is not good. I’m terrified, but I don’t know what I can possibly do at a time like this?

    I realize I am in the UK, but all I need is a Phone or Skype Consultation, I need this Before I decide to risk going to A&E…I am at Home with my Daughter who has Crohn’s Disease, she is on a lot of Autoimmune Suppressant Medications…I can not risk going to the Hospital unless I have solid reasons to go…Is what I am experiencing something that can be monitored, or should I go to the Hospital…this is all I am trying to get some clarity on. No help here in the UK…Please help me, please, I can Pay.

    Thank you…Lorraine.

    My SS History;
    *SS 7 for Years ; *Irreversible, Permanent Nerve Damage;
    *Twisted and Numb Right Foot;
    *One Bulging Disc
    *Lumber Pain;
    *Osteoarthritis ;

    Suggested Surgery; Decompression with Fixation, told to Lose some Weight first!

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