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    i have copys of both my recent xrays and mri done this week. what images do I need to provide you with and how shall I go about this. I live in a very small town and all the hospitals/drs are affiliated and both my xrays and mri have been read as “normal” my orthopedic dr(who is about 45 min away) said my xrays are definitely not normal thus he sent me for the mri. The mri was read as normal today but itll be a few weeks until I can see my orthopedist and my husband, dr, mother, and myself can all feel a huge “knot” in my neck that sends a stabbing pain to right above/around my eye and there’s an awful grinding noise if I tilt my neck from side to side. It has become such an issue im having difficulty caring for my two babies and I am not able to sleep. I need answers because I know something is wrong it is most definitely not normal(torn ligament or pinched nerves or something!). I had had issues being properly diagnosed my whole life I had appendicitis for almost 6 months and only got it taken care of with “exploratory” surgery as well as endometriosis. Please help I am so very desperate tell me whatever it is I need to do and I will to have you look at my mri and confirm that it is “normal” or “Abnormal”.

    Thanks so much!

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    If you would like me to review your images and you are in the United States, call the 888 number on the home page. If you are not in the USA, call (970) 476-1100 using the country code and ask to talk to one of my nurses. They will be able to give you the shipping instructions.

    Dr. Corenman

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