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    Hello Dr,
    I am a 28 year old female who has been living with neck pain and migraines for about 8 years, the pain and migraines became much worse following a car accident in 2008. I have seen 2 neuros a chiropractor, recieved injections into my neck and been through about 40 medications all to no avail. I also did 8 months of physical therapy but it was determined that it wasnt helping my condition. My neuro ordered a cervical mri in June 2011 and I was told it was fine but further studies should be done. No further tests have been done and I am in a constant state of pain. My symptoms include:

    Severe headaches and migraines
    Stabbing Pain and base of skull where neck meets head
    Most Pain is on right side and range of motion is affected.
    Turning head to right causes sharp pain the goes up into my forehead and down my neck into right shoulder.
    Whole neck is extremely tender to touch at all times, feels like getting punched in a bruise just by lightly touching it.

    I feel like something was missed in my MRI. I honestly dont even know who read the results. I desperatly need a second opinion. I have uploaded my MRI to DICOM library hoping you can take a look and maybe lead me in the right direction. I need to know what is wrong so it can be treated.

    It will not allow me to post a URL or its considered spam so how do i get the link to my DICOM study to you?

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    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Headaches can originate from many sources. One of the common sources for “base of the skull” headaches are the facets at C2-3 and C3-4. The facets here irritate the greater and lesser occipital nerves (C2 and C3) which originate from these levels.

    If your history and physical examination reveal these facets as a potential pain generator, you can use facet blocks of these levels to help diagnose this disorder. See the section under facet blocks and pain diary to understand how injections can be diagnostic. RF ablation or rhizotomies can be effective to reduce the headaches.

    You can send your MRI to my office if you so choose. Call Margaret at the 888 number to arrange this.

    Dr. Corenman

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