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    MRI report;
    There is some loss of signal within the discs space at L1-2 and l2-3 the distal cord an conus terminate at t-12 and L1L1-2 very mild disc bulge slightly eccentric to the right. There is minimal impression upon the thecal sac. There is some mild enchroahment upon th left neural foramen. The right foramen is patent
    L-2-3 very mild peripheral disc bulge slightly eccentric to the right. This is causing mild thecal sac effacment
    L3-4 unremarkable
    L4-5 diffuse disc bulge with some facet arthropathy. There is minimal impression upon the thecal sac and some mild encroachment upon the neural foramen bilaterally
    There is a tiny disc bulge at T5-6 combining with the curve of the spine to cause some thecal sac effacment. No cord deformity. There is a tiny disc protrusion at T 7-8 just to the right midline. This is causing some mild flattening of the cord.
    IMPRESION: disc protrusion at t 7-8 causing mild flattening of the cord.
    I am only 26 years old. I also have scoliosis in my lumbar spine of 46 degrees.
    My question is can everything that is going on in my back cause severe back and hip pain? And is a protruding disc the same as a herniated disc? I have tried conventional methods and nothing seems to help. I even lost 30 lbs to try and see of that would help. Please give me some insight… I don’t have my doctors app until next week and I’m dying from this pain. I’m miserable. Thank you for reading.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Please see the section under “Conditions”; “How to describe low back symptoms” so you can fully elucidate your symptoms.

    Your lumbar spine has no real remarkable pathology but does have multilevel degenerative disc disease. However, with a 46 degree scoliosis in your lumbar spine, this is not reflected in your MRI report. Are you sure of than number?

    If you truly have a 46 degree curve in your lumbar spine, this can be very painful. I am surprised this was not picked up when you were in middle or high school and brace treatment was not used.

    Dr. Corenman

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    Sorry I wasn’t more specific. I was diagnosed with idiopathic scoli at 11. Doctors really just said lets watch the spine. At 18 my curve was a 35 and real recommendation for treatment. Now fast forward I had my first baby at 24 and after the birth was when I found out I have a curve of 46. So for the last 6 months I developed a sharp shooting pain in my hip. Started on left and travels to rIght. Then within the last 3 months it has been traveling down my legs. As far as the thoracic, I have numbness and tingling in my shoulder blades, burning sensation, pain, I even get these weird chills. The pain is dibiltating. I can’t do things that I once loved to do. I feel bad for my son because I really can’t ” play ” w him. Any way my question also is the disc protrusion in the thoracic touching the spinal cord, cam that be causeing my symptoms in my thoracic? And in my lumbar on the 4-5 level do you think that is causing my hip pain.? It does something about the neural foramen bilaterally. Thanks.

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