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    My 13 year old daughter is currently scheduled to have surgery on 19th July in Dallas TX for a 50 degree curve. As a parent I am extremely anxious about taking this step but know it is something she needs. Today she had an MRI. I watched your videos on how to read an MRI (although I am still lost) they were very interesting. What is general will stop a surgeon from performing this surgery and do you recommend getting a 2nd opinion prior to surgery. Don’t get me wrong I love our doctors but I know there is also some degree of measurement error so if she is only at 51 degree curve could it hurt to wait a little longer or should she do this surgery while she is still young. I just worry she will have issues as she is older. I tried attaching her x-ray and mri but it would not work.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Your daughter being 13 years of age with a 50 degree curve most likely will need to be fixed. I assume this is a scoliosis and not a hyperkyphosis (a curve from the side view).

    The reason scoliosis needs to be surgically fixed in a young girl is that the curve will most likely advance. Over the years with a significant spinal deformity- real problems will occur that you don’t want your daughter to face. Yes- scoliosis surgery replaces a curved but supple spine with a straight (or straighter) but stiff spine at the levels fixed.

    I never think a second opinion is a bad idea and there are many places in Texas that do a good job with scoliosis surgery. Good luck.

    Dr. Corenman

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