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    I have had pain in my back for more than a year. 5 chiropractors and a medical dr. (PA at local clinic). I am currently taking muscle relaxers and just got down taking a long term anti-inflamatory. the pain in located in the area of the sacrum and hip possibly. My hip seems to click when I walk sometimes. My back is constanly popping and cracking when I adjust my bodily position. I went to several chiropractors until I went to one that xrayed me. He said I dont have a disc problem, but my hip is rotaed in a little, which was a comment of another chiropractor that my Sacrum was tilted forward and in. I have been adjusted some many times I cant even count. The pain still is there, although it is a 1-3 compared to the 6-8 it was at the beginning. I then went backl to the Pa at the local clinic and she sent me to Physical therapy and I went for 3-4 weeks til they sent me home to do my theraphy. The pain and feeling that my back is not stable is still there. It still pops and cracks as much as ever and the muscle relaxers have done nothing but depress me. I am doing nothing other than stretching excersises and the few excercises that dont irritate my back, as well as some Yoga to improve things but they havent changed the nature of my situation. There seems to be a clicking in my hip when I walk, and sometimes when my back really hurts I hang upside on a inversion table and sometimes to relieve my hip “catch” I hang by one leg gently and it seems to relieve some of the discomfort. What is my next move. My local PA says that Surgery is not an option for me, so I should get that out of my mind. ( she has never done an xray)…no MRI….i am not sure what questions I should ask my “Dr”

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Lower back pain most likely originates from the discs or facets of the lumbar spine. There most likely is a degenerative disc involved and it has not been identified as of yet. You obviously have improved with a pain scale of 1-3 compared with a previous 6-8 so the chiropractic care has given you some relief.

    For pain that has lasted one year and is concerning to you, a spine consult in in order. You may also have some hip problems but this would not cause lower back pain. The PA mentioning that surgery is not an option has no idea of what this disorder is. You may not need surgery but take that advice with a grain of salt.

    Dr. Corenman

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