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    the 6th of june i had a fusion, I had watched the surgery online and seen one incission, my back has 5 scars 2 on the left of spine and 2 on the right with one in the middle, Dr was very frank telling me he would only do S1 L5 from what he seen on xrays, what should a surgery like this look like, 39 staples in all 5 incissions. I had been placed on morphine to cover pain from back and neorapathy running at the same time, my sergeon gave me percocet 7.5 and stopped the morphine of 2 years, as I write Im in withdraws as Im useing whats left of pain meds to get off pain meds, he hasnt returned my call of a faxed letter, I thought the sergeon was suppose to pick up the pain meds as the treating doctor? boy was I wrong, Im in alot of pain and sick ive had some heart flutters on the left side I have a pacemaker, the mechine they use to guide tools in surgery do they harm a pace maker? anyway thanks

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    The number of incisions determines if the surgery is “minimally invasive” vs. what is called “open”. “Minimally invasive” is a misnomer in my opinion as the multiple off-midline incisions normally add up to be longer than the one central incision in an “open” procedure and “minimally invasive” is really more invasive than the central incision.

    Normally, the surgeon will take over the pain medication requirements from the primary care provider after surgery for some period of time. His inability to return your call or respond to your fax is inappropriate. If I were you, I would go to his office to find out why the communication is poor.

    Dr. Corenman

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