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    Over the last 10 months I have experienced a slow and increasing loss of fine motor skills, coordination and proper movement in my right arm (I cannot brush my teeth, write, chop veggies or whisk with the affected arm, though I can still perform gross movements and haven’t experienced any loss of strength). I am also having arm/hand muscle spasms that cause my arm and hand to be “tense” while at rest (clawing and bending at the elbow). I have no pain, tingling or numbness (unless I fall asleep on that arm). I have seen a neurologist and three orthopedic doctors (upper extremity and spine doctors) and have had x-rays, brain MRI, spine MRI, nerve conduction studies and EMG – all with negative results, everything unremarkable, everything functioning properly. I have also tried medical massage and physical therapy. I feel that this is a neurological problem arising from the cervical spine, even though the neurologist I saw said everything checks out. I was wondering if you had any thoughts as to next steps… rheumatologist? Neurologist second opinion? Chiropractor? Thanks for your time!

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    I think with all the negative tests indicating no compressive lesions, your problem is neurological. You need a movement-disorder specialist, normally a neurologist with speciality training.

    Dr. Corenman

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