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    Hello again,
    I am 4 weeks post op after cervical fusion and bone graph.My care was excellent and my neck is healing very well.I find nothing on the forum about the experience of iliac bone harvest.You would remember me as you operated on the day the Bronco’s lost to the Raven”s-and my daughter’s were with me -one worked at the medical center.I was surprised by the consequences of this procedure.Not complaining,as I as fortunate to have had such good care and surgical expertise.It would just be helpful to know that what I am experiencing is normal-I have had a fusion at L4-5 and I am thinking that this could make the recovery longer.I am still using a cane-have great difficulty with steps or incline and sometimes the pain is still intense-especially in the morning.I return for a visit on the 20th-and If I was in the state would have already stopped by as it seems a steroid injection might be in order.Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.PT does nothing but increase the pain.


    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    About 1% of patients will have significant discomfort at the graft site. In the 20 years that I have used this grafting technique for patients who choose autograft, there have been no significant long term complaints. I am sure that telling you that the pain will go away does not help you right now but this pain will dissipate.

    Dr. Corenman

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    Good Morning,
    Yes it helps a great deal to hear from you-Thank you for the reply-I will hang in there.

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