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    I have found your web pages about degenerative discs and pinched nerve extremely informative.

    I have just been told by my consultant (I live in the UK) that following sight of my MRI and xrays I need to have surgery and that the problem is’higher’ than he initially thought (I was so shocked by what he was telling me that I didn’t question what he meant by that – I thought he was just going to refer me for some physio). Prior to the results of the scans he thought there would be a ‘way to go’ before we needed to make a decision about surgery.

    I noticed in your writings that you say a chiropractor could help with denerative disc problems. Doctors in the UK tend not to like chiropractors or osteopaths. Would you think it would be possible to treat such a trapped nerve with manipulation alone – just wondering what your thoughts would be based on experience?

    For background info – I was in a motorbike accident 8 months ago where I ended up sliding down a road on my left side (came off at around 50 mph). Thought I only had bruising and was very lucky. 2 months later had a lot of neck and back pain, one visit to an osteopath seemed to do the trick. Then 2-3 months ago the pain started again in my neck and shoulder and this time I have pins and needles shooting down my left arm and into my thumb and index finger. I have also noticed a loss of strength in the same arm and have stabbing pains in my forearm.

    I am 48 years old and very nervous about surgery – I know I can (and will) discuss this with the surgeon, but looking to find other experts experiences.

    I have also found out (from talking to surgeons secretary) that where my first consultant talked about disc replacement, he has actually put ACDF on my notes. The secretary also said that the neck and shoulder pain won’t necessarily improve but the arm pain should. It’s the neck and shoulder pain which is stopping me sleeping (lucky to get 3-4 hours a night, some nights I have had no sleep). If the surgery wasn’t done, what would be the long term prognosis – would the symptoms I have remain the same or are they likely to worsen. I know it’s difficult to comment without seeing scans and having all of the detail but any advice you could give me would be much appreciated.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    By the sounds of your symptoms, you might be a candidate for surgery if you have paresthesias (pins and needles), numbness and especially weakness in the muscles serviced by one nerve. There is a chance that you could recover without surgery but that risk is measured by the chance that off-putting surgery might create permanent nerve damage.

    The surgery most likely would be an ACDF (fusion) vs. an ADR (artificial disc replacement). There are pluses and minuses for each surgery (see the sections on the website for description of each procedure). The ADR procedure does not have as many benefits as was to be expected by its invention.

    Dr. Corenman

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    Thank you for your quick reply Dr Corenman, very much appreciated and you have confirmed what I had started to think myself.

    Much appreciated!

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