Question please than you!

Question please than you!
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    MRI SPINE CERVICAL W/WO CONTRAST – Details May 21 2018
    Hi Dr. Corenman,
    I had this MRI a few weeks ago, seeing a rheumatologist tomorrow for autoimmune disease. Just suddenly wow! Can you please explain if you can I would appreciate tis. I am feeling numbness on my left side from neck to my toes. I feel Tingling in left hand. Trouble walking and getting dizzy. I appreciate your information. This is a great website
    Thank you. Steve A.
    Study Result
    There is multilevel degenerative spondylosis with disc
    space narrowing and osteophyte formation. These findings are most
    pronounced at the level of C4-5, where there is a posterior disc
    osteophyte complex formation with partial effacement of the thecal sac.
    There is severe foraminal stenosis on the left and moderate narrowing
    seen on the right. The remaining levels showed less advanced disease.

    C4-5: There is broad-based posterior disc bulge. There is facet
    hypertrophy. There is partial effacement of thecal sac with mild
    flattening of the spinal cord in this region. There is moderate narrowing
    of the right foramen and advanced narrowing seen of the left foramen

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