Question about MRI finding

///Question about MRI finding
Question about MRI finding
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    Dear Dr.corenman I was rear ended 41 months ago…went to ER bc of horrible neck pains radiate into arms tingling numbness in hands and horrible lower back pains radiate into legs and tingling and numbness in feet….ER said only had strain neck and told to go see primary doctor…here in florida primary doctors don’t take car accident so I had to seek care with chiropractor who takes car accide t injuries…everyday after accident I started to experiwnce hands disnt feel rifht dropping things out of the blue and legs didnt feel right and walking was different…3 days after accident I seek care that care worsen my neurological symptoms….11 days after accident was in MRI booth neck and lower back…at c5-c6 herniated disc indenting spinal cord and said my AP diameter of my spinal canal was 7mm at c6-c7 herniated disc no cord compression but spinal canal AP diameter was 8.5mm and at c3-c4 grade 1 retrololesthesis…at l5-s1 herniated disc abutting left exit nerve root and grade 1 retrolisthesis….was referred to surgeon…couldnt seen surgeon PA for 2 months…did nerve test / emg and it said at c6c7 both side both levels radiculopathy and same with l5-s1….seen surgeon PA said needed a level acdf surgery “TO STOP PROGRESSION OF MY SPINAL CORD FROM BEING DAMAGED EVEN MORE then it was already showing bc at time of this visit I was in a wheelchair and this was 3 month after my accident…was told I had true apinal cord was not to fix damage already happened but to stop it from worsening…surgery was scheduled for 6 months away…seen surgeon 2 months later said oh its bad definitely need surgery but we can wait for more months bc all damage happen During accident and it won’t get worse then it already has…long story short never had surgery tried other neurosurgeon at university hospital and all I got was not enough compression to be causing my paralysis…for 39 months ive been wheelchair bound cant walk stand using my legs deal with horrible spasms spasicity pains heaviness burning and have shoulder weakness and hand weakness…my grip strength I am told for a 42 male should be 100lbs mine is 19lbs both hands…only been to PT for upper body bc I was having issues transferring and for a referral for powerwheelchaor which Medicaid denied…have neurogenic bladder and bowels with leaking and deal with autonomic dysreflexia multi times a day 99% bc of my bladder issues…all doctor after surgeon prolonged and other issues they rushed exam and I have taken video of myself doing Hoffman bakinski clonus and knee reflex hyperreflexia test bc if they did a d my legs spasm they would said cant do test ur legs r spasm uncontrollable which happen when u lift bend touch strength my legs…had 1 doctor tell me I dont have spasicitt and I said then why do my legs sudden jerky movements and tighten all the time…this has been a nightmare….also told I showed unusual progressivr cervical myelopathy and paraparaesis after my accident and I seen this neurosurgeon at a unversity hospital 6 months after my accident and 4 months of being wheelchair bound and I said how is it unusual I was rear ended and continued to worsen even with treatmen….I didnt wake up yesterday and came to u today…I would just be pushed away…told by other university neurosurgeon cervical myelopathy then it wasnt its lower back then middle back which I found out have compression fractures on3 levels in middle back ( I fell nimerous times trying to walk/ stand ambulatory and transffering into wheelchair) asked if I had lawsuits and after asking ordered 4 more mris when I jist did whole spine 2 months b4 test for bladder even thought doctor said I had no issues with bladder but was wearing adult briefs and had rash for months on my butt…both university neurosurgeon just stop talking to me and a nuerologist 2yeara after did bakinaki test right in front of my face a d my big toes and other toes moved upwards and seen I had shoulder weakness and hands weakness and did emg/nerve test of only my lower body…went back to see neurologist gor results and all I got was in confused what’s cauaing ur severe paralysis and weakness and I said so telling me to my face I definitely have spinal cord damage after testing my feet and u looking at me and why didnt u do eng/nerve test for upper body and after I said this he said go back to ur or I set doctor he has tje results and of course he said plantar reflex was normal and it was in my head…was diagnosed by 1 of the university doctors I was a paraplegic but have weakness in shoulders and hands and then I was told by chrisopther reeves and craigs hospital RN nurses hotline bc I have no where to turn and had to learn alot on my own that I am a quadriplegic incomplete spinal cord injury…the neurologist said surgery and PT wouldnt help its been over 2 years wheelchaor bound and university doctor said woupdnt do surgery if it wasnt gonna fix anything and it wont fix anything and this was 8 months after my accident….I cant even get to see doctors i need like pulmonary urologist for am told supra pubic catheter to manage my bladder bc of the AD issues…no doctor will take my insurance or bc its a car accident…please give me some ideas information…i like I said have read watch as much as I can on cervical myelopathy and if not treated in timely matter or if its progressing in front of ur eyes like my primary doctor at time of accident said to my insurance to get me a wheelchair and to help fet my ssi disability and also said I couldnt wait 6 months for surgery I wouldnt be a candidate for surgery to fix or help anything…my myelopathy was progressing now…please help with ideas and some information on what I have said about my catastrophic injuries…please and thank you and god bless

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    You sound like you have spinal cord dysfunction but your images are not quite what I would expect for the symptoms you have; “c5-c6 herniated disc indenting spinal cord and said my AP diameter of my spinal canal was 7mm at c6-c7 herniated disc no cord compression but spinal canal AP diameter was 8.5mm and at c3-c4 grade 1 retrololesthesis…at l5-s1 herniated disc abutting left exit nerve root and grade 1 retrolisthesis”.

    You need a thorough evaluation from an experienced spine expert. You might need new studies and you certainly will have to bring your prior images and consultations. A meticulous physical examination would be quite helpful to ferret out what is causing your myriad of symptoms. You have a complicated case and there are many possibilities for your current disability.

    Dr. Corenman

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC is a highly-regarded spine surgeon, considered an expert in the area of neck and back pain. Trained as both a Medical Doctor and Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Corenman earned academic appointments as Clinical Assistant Professor and Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, and his research on spine surgery and rehabilitation has resulted in the publication of multiple peer-reviewed articles and two books.
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