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    Hello, my name is (deleted), i live in Mexico City and Im a professional soccer player, I play for (deleted) Football Club, and i have played also for the Mexican National team in the last three world cups. i am 32 years old, i have a very clean history of injuries, but for the last 4 months I’ve been having these pain that hasn´t left me played as always. its a pain in my left buttock it feels like a needle right in the insertion of the hamstring and my butt. it hurts when i run, specially sprints, it hurts when i stretch and kick the ball, it also hurts when i seat for long periods of time. i had a surgery because some doctor told me i had ischial bursitis but after two months of rehab the pain is still there. I have made some research an it feels just like the pyramidal syndrome would feel. i had several MRI´s taken and one of them shows i have a compression in L5. i have seen several orthopedists, spine and several other doctors, and none of them had been able to tell us what is wrong. I am kind of desperate since i have been doing the wrong rehab and treatment for the past months. Im willing to go to the steadman clinic for a consult, i just want to know if i´m with the right specialist. thank you so much, i hope hearing from you soon, to do what it takes to prepare my trip.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    I would be happy to see you. Piriformas syndrome is exceedingly rare and you most likely do not have that disorder. What was the surgery you underwent for the “ischial
    bursitis”? Did the surgeon perform a debridement (simply clean out the
    area) or reattach the tendon?

    Could you please forward your x-rays and any MRIs of your lumbar spine you have to me. It would be helpful if you also had an MRI of your pelvis at the area of your prior surgery (performed after the surgery).

    I have two specialists available (Drs. Hackett and Millet) who will be available if this turns out to be a tendon insertion disorder and not a spinal disorder.

    I should have a pretty good idea of the origin of your disorder before you come out by perusing your films and talking to you on the phone. There may need to be more diagnostic tests performed.

    Please call my office and ask for Diana or Sarah at (970) 476-1100. I look forward to talking with you.

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