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    Hi Dr Corenman,
    After reading your excellent website I’m pretty sure I’ll get diagnosed with herniated disk(s) pressing on nerves causing the sciatica pain I have in both legs. It is aggravated when sitting for long periods. I’ve been working with chiropractic/PT for 2 months with no improvement (but it’s not getting worse). And taking just 2 ibuprofen every 12 hours takes about 80% of the pain away and I am very functional.

    I live in the Vail valley and have been referred to your office by my PT tech at the Head Clinic and my MD. After waiting a week for one of your nurses to return my call requesting an appointment, I was told that I wouldn’t get seen for another month. It was suggested since my symptoms aren’t too bad that I start with Dr. Karli instead. Either way I expect I am in for a wait for treatment.

    My question for you is:
    I’m an active 52year old woman. Snowboard, hike, tennis, running. I’ve gotten completely conflicting advice as to whether I should continue being active or not. After 3 months of flailing around with chiro and PT, and now having to wait probably another month to get a real diagnosis, can you tell me whether it is OK to at least go jogging for a minimal 20 minutes, so that I don’t lose my cardiac fitness??

    Many thanks for your reply.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    As long as you do not have motor weakness of any major muscle group, whatever exercise that does not hurt is most likely safe for you. Avoid impact if you can with a suspected herniated disc. Cycling, swimming and even an elliptical are probably OK. Running may be OK but there is a bigger risk of a larger fragment exiting out of the disc with impact.

    Dr. Corenman

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    Dr. Corenman, Thank you so much for your advice!!!
    I look forward to meeting the Steadman Hawkins team soon.

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