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    hello doctor
    i am a 24 year male from india and my MRI report of date 29/jan/2009 says Diffuse L3/4, L4/L5 disc bulge along with primary lumbar canal stenosis compressing thecal sac & bilateral eciting nerve roots sir i am suffring from back pain from serval year it was ok from last two years but from last one monthe it is in very bad condition .i am a software engineer so have to sit in front of computer for mor than 8 hrs a day.i am 6 feet tall six monthe back my weight was 90kgs i was overweight then i started lossing my weight by dieat control and running on treadmill and diffent cardio excersises along with abs excersise with some push ups and pull up and chin ups and littel bit of weight traning and then i loss around 20 kgs in 3.5 monthes till that point of time i was feeling very confident about my back pain i thought that it has gon away with my extra weight and then i started bulding muscles with diffent weight traning excersises at this time there was no back pain and i was ver very happy after a month my back strted paining that tooo very badly then i stoped working out and started streching at home which i lerned from physotheripist and internet got some relefe from pain then again i workout a littil bit again it come back now i had stop working out and doing streching at home but pain is still thear can you guid me what should i do what kind of workoput is good for me, what specfic excersices i should not do and i really want to be fit and built a some musclesbecouse i had started looking very thin as i am so young but not able to do that please docter help me out plz guid me what should i do and how will i get ride of this pain and what are the thing i should not do at all and kind of treatement will help me to get back to my normal life rootine i mean my office and gym without pain can you tell me what short of treatement or medicin willl get me relife from this pain

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Congratulations on your weight loss. That will be helpful in your overall recovery from this disorder.

    Being 24 years of age and carrying a diagnosis of lumbar canal stenosis means you have congenital stenosis (your canal is small to begin with). The condition called neurogenic claudication can occur with canal narrowing. The symptoms are characterized by low-lower back pain (back of the pelvis pain) caused by prolonged standing and walking. Symptoms can radiate into the thighs the longer you stand or walk.

    If your pain is lower back pain brought on by lifting and bending and feels better when you stand and walk, you probably do not have symptoms of neurogenic claudication but have symptoms of degenerative disc disease.

    Each condition is treated differently. You want to encourage flexion activities with neurogenic claudication (cycling, skiing, modifying swimming with a snorkel) and encourage extension exercises with degenerative disc disease (swimming, gym workouts, swiss ball extension activity). Epidural injections can help in either case.

    Dr. Corenman

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