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    Dear Sir,

    Thank you so much for providing all the valuable information, especially the videos. They have been very very useful to me.

    I just had a microdiscectomy L5-S1 6 weeks ago. My pre-op MRI conclusion notes are as below:

    There is a central disc protrusion at L5/S1 narrowing the spinal canal and both lateral recession at the level of L5/S1, worse on the left side with impingement on the left S1 descending nerve root. There is also slight impingement on the right S1 discending nerve root.The exit foramina are clear.

    I had chronic sciatica pain for 2 years. Worse on the left side, and then after a year the right side was suffering similar pain. Around Nov 2011,the pain was no longer tolerable, and there were very sharp shooting pain going along my back and leg. The frequency of the shooting pain increased rapidly. Ultimately, a surgery was decided to be necessary.

    Immediately after surgery,I could feel relief in my right leg. But my left leg was in great numbness. I couldn’t move my toes or push my feet forward. It is assumed to be nerve irratation due to manipulation during surgery.

    1st week of post operation, numbness in general. General post op recovery discomfort.

    2nd week, pain of the left leg had increased significantly. Unable to stand on the left leg much. The pain is worse than pre-op condition. I am mainly in bed, I can’t stand or walk for long.Severe pain radiating from back to feet when I on my feet. It was not the case before surgery.

    3rd week, severe pain, was excruciating, it felt paralysing my back to my leg. Very sensitive with any movement and even touch. In great pain and an emergency doctor was called for house visit. I was prescribed pregabilin/lyrica as co-codamol & diclofernac did not work for me anymore. The main excruciating pain subsided. I am able to get up of bed to stand and walk around the house. But am still in pain – which is worse than before the surgery as the pain is constantly there. Standing and lying down give me more pain than sitting. Which was opposite before my operation, where sitting and walking too long were mainly aggravating my sciatica pain.

    This is the post-op note from my neurosurgeon:

    On examination she does have clear root tension at 30 degrees on the left side, a clear L5 radiculapathy.

    During Surgery, it was very difficult to remove the disc because the disc had hardened significantly and basically was almost like cortical bone at the site of the spinal canal. Once I got into the disc I removed soft material but it did not cause a good decompression more medially. I then created a trench by nibbling away a lot of that bone material. Surgery took longer than anticipated but still within 50 mins. I think that because of the significant root retraction that was required, she has developed swelling of the nerve root that has caused her problems. The retraction certainly explains the numbness that she experienced.

    A MRI is arranged to review her current condition.

    I have just done my post-op MRI. I have the images but still awaiting for the radiologist report. From what I can see from the second MRI, it looks like the herniation still exists, and if not larger than before. I’m not sure.

    Could you please explain, what can possibly be the reason that my pain is much more worse than before the operation? I fear that I might be referred to pain management clinic and no other permanent solution are offered by my consultant.

    Please advise as I’m desperately in need to be pain free. It’s debilitating. Thank you.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    It appears that you have a recurrent herniation at the same level as your surgery. This can happen even when you are lifted off the operating room table immediately after surgery. WIth the motor weakness that you report, in my opinion you need a repeat microdiscectomy.

    If the surgeon is reluctant, you need a second opinion soon.

    Dr. Corenman

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