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    I have had neck pain and arm pain for the past 6 months (severe). Now I have constant numbness and tingling in arms and legs also. I am a 60 year old female, 125 lbs, and very active. I am struggling with muscle weakness in my hands and arms. it is so frustrating because i can’t seem to be as active as i have been in the past. My neursurgeon wants to do a fusion at C5-6, but said that he may have to go back in and do C6-7 at a later time. would you suggest doing this in 2 surgeries or getting it done all in one??? Results of my MRI:

    C4-5: slight anterior subluxation of C4 in relationship to C5. Diffuse annular disc bulge
    C5-6: moderate dis space narrowing and desiccation. Posterior osteoohytes and uncovertebral joint degenerative changes with bilateral neural foraminal narrowing. Slight to mild posterior subluxation of C5 in relationship to C6. Diffuse annular disc bulge interposed between posterior osteoohytes with severe attenuation of the ventral subarachnoid space and mild flattening of the ventral cord with myelomalacia.
    C6-7: posterior osteoohytes and uncovertebral joint degenerative changes and bilateral neural foraminal narrowing. Moderate-sized left para median HNP mildly indenting the left ventral aspect of the cord.
    Thank you for any help you can give me. I am scheduled for surgery in 5 days!!!!

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    By the sounds of your symptoms, you have cervical stenosis and compression of the spinal cord at C5-6. Myelomalacia is a thinning of the diameter of the cord due to injury. There is no question that this level (C5-6) needs surgery.

    The C6-7 level is somewhat degenerative but is not compressing the cord. There is foraminal narrowing but your report does not note how severe. Normally, radiologists will place a modifier in the report (mild, moderate, severe) which can occasionally be helpful in determining if this level needs to be included in the surgery.

    The physical examination can also reveal if the C7 related muscles are not functioning (triceps, wrist flexors, finger extensors-see website under cervical nerve injury). If the exam does not reveal C7 nerve disfunction, then it is probably safe to leave this level out of the surgery.

    Good luck with surgery.

    Dr. Corenman

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