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    Dear Dr Corenman,

    I have visited an Orthopaedic surgeon in regard to issues i have been having.

    Those issues are:
    Left Shoulder Bursitis

    Numbness/Tingling in Both Hands (Hands and Wrist can be completely flat and this will still happen)

    Stiff Neck

    Possible Carpal Tunnel on left side (as mentioned by Dr Liew)

    Lack of grip strength on left hand/wrist. Also noticed that left Tricep is considerably weak. When bench pressing my left arm goes weak and gives out before my chest does. I Think this is related to one of the issues mentioned above however I’m not sure which one is the cause.

    I also have c-4/c-5 vertebra that has herniated and is pushing on nerve in my back. I have also researched and found that the C4/C5 vertebras can push on nerves that effect shoulder/wrist and bicep/tricep. Could this be the underlying cause? Or could it simply be the impinged shoulder and carpal tunnel causing this?

    I also get a painful right “hip”, technically its not the hip, the pain is located in the piriformis area.

    I also get weak legs from time to time. lose co-ordination in legs. Almost feels like I’m not getting enough circulation down there.

    Any suggestion as to where to go from here? Who to see, what my best options are? I have presently become unemployed so funds at the moment aren’t necessarily readily available to splash money around on my different appointments with many different specialists so i need to know what the best option would be to get this sorted. Any Surgery would need to be booked on the public system as well.

    I have also read online about maybe a “Nerve conduction study”?

    Please respond via email as I’m unable to answer my phone at certain times of the day.

    Thanks for your time.


    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    There are two ways to look at your problems, one through symptoms and one thru existing pathology (C4-5).

    You symptoms of “Numbness/Tingling in Both Hands”, “Lack of grip strength on left hand/wrist. Also noticed that left Tricep is considerably weak” fit with some disorders.

    The left triceps weakness is typically due to a C7 nerve compression (C6-7 level) but you don’t note problems at this level. Triceps weakness can also be associated with pain inhibition due to the shoulder (you note “Left Shoulder Bursitis”).

    “Lack of grip strength on left hand/wrist” can be from C8 nerve problems but again, you note no difficulties with this. Carpel tunnel syndrome can also cause grip problems and also cause “Numbness/Tingling in Both Hands”.

    The C4-5 level can cause C5 nerve compression. See the section “Symptoms of cervical nerve injuries” to understand what this nerve can cause but it will not cause symptoms below the shoulder.

    Leg symptoms will not be related to the neck (as long as you are accurate and there is no spinal cord compression).

    Dr. Corenman

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