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    Hi, I’m 17, male 6’2 and 190lbs. I have been dealing with back pain since October 2010 (I suspect a possible herniated disk at that time which seems to now be gone, because the type of pain in comparison to now was of a different nature). However I’m pretty confident it wasn’t until mid 2011 I developed the fracture.

    I had a “PET/CT NAF BONE” scan on 07 December 2011…

    Technique: “Satisfactory images have been obtained 1 hour following intravenous injection of 240MBq of 18F-Sodium Flouride (18F-NaF) combined with a low dose high resolution bone windowed CT”

    “There are five lumber vertebra with a transitional segment at “S1”
    There is a fracture of the pars of S1 on the right extending into the inferior margin of right L5/S1 facet.
    There is less pronounced activity involving the pars of L5 on the left with a very subtle lucency evident on the high resolution CT in keeping with a fracture or incipient fracture.”

    Conclusion: “Transitional vertebra at lumbosacral junction :-S1 if one assumes five lumber type vertebrae
    Fracture of the right pars of S1 extending into the right L5/S1 facet.
    Very subtle incomplete fracture, left L5 pars”

    Between 07 december 2011 and approximately september 2012 I was receiving physio care to strengthen core muscles etc. Around that time of finishing physio I was able to lightly kick a bag, deadlift 260lb 95% pain free and go about daily life pain free. However my pain has returned.

    Description of pain; I have been getting worse over the past 2 weeks
    The right side of my lower back most of the time is bearable however still prevents me from weightlifting and kicking, the pain is dull and usually 90% recovers within 1-2 days of exercise.

    The left side of my lower back however is extremely painful, I have not been able to exercise in the past 2 weeks due to it. Rolling around getting comfortable in bed is a mission, the type of pain it illicits is a power jolt which I can only describe as similar to a electric shock or stabbing sensation. Which immobilises me, last night I could barely walk from my room to my bathroom. I have had this pain in the past but it usually recovered within 2-3 days however this has now been going on for 2 weeks even though I have resting those entire 2 weeks.

    So I have decided to take at-least 1 month off pretty much all physical activity, alcohol (not that I drink frequently) and caffeine and have also invested in calcium and osteoseal supplements. I should be getting another CT around February

    My questions;
    Is it wise of me to take 1 month off physical activity ?
    What are the chances of my bones making a full natural recovery, given that they have been fractured for 1 year + ?
    Have I already or what are the chances of developing spondylosis and/or spondylosisthesis?
    What are my chances of returning to kick boxing and weightlifitng ?
    What are my other options if I don’t make a full natural recovery?
    Why has my left fracture spontaneously gotten painful over the past 2 weeks and doesn’t show any sign of healing?
    Does the fact that I have an extra vertebrae effect any of this?

    In advance;
    If anyone managed to read this far and possibly answer my question I cannot express via the internet how grateful I am to receive some feedback, thank you very much!!!

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